Cinderella on Trial


By: Pete Jones (edited)

I hope that you will enjoy this activity. It should take two 75 minute classes!

Please feel free to print it out and use it for your class. The only thing I ask is that you recognize where it came from and to give me feed back on the adaptations which you made.

Here's how it works!

1. First, click on and print out the Cinderella on Trial activity sheets below. Print one copy of "At the King's Court" and give it to your teacher. Print several copies of each character question sheet:

If your class has:	print out:
	16 students		4 copies of each sheet
	20 students		5 copies of each sheet
	24 students		6 copies of each sheet
	28 students		7 copies of each sheet
	32 students		8 copies of each sheet
	36 students		9 copies of each sheet

2. Arrange your class into groups of four. Give each group a copy of each character question sheet. Everyone will also need a pencil. In each group, each student should choose a different number (1, 2, 3, or 4).

3. From the number you chose, you will assume the role listed as follows:

Student 1 is Prince Charming,
Student 2 is Cinderella,
Student 3 is an Ugly Stepsister,
Student 4 is the Fairy Godmother.

4. Now take your character's question sheet.

5. All students should now regroup into expert groups. (all Cinderellas in one group, Prince Charmings in another group, etc.)

6. Ask your teacher to read aloud "At the King's Court" to your class.

7. In the expert groups, answer the questions on your particular character sheet. You must all agree on and write the same answer to each one of the questions.

8. After all of the questions have been answered by all groups, return to your home groups. In your home groups all students take turns at being the prosecuting lawyer.

Whoever was playing the role of Prince Charming will read out loud the questions from the Ugly Stepsister's sheet and the group will listen to and take notes on the answers the Ugly Stepsister gave.

Next the Ugly Stepsister reads the questions for the Fairy Godmother to answer. The Fairy Godmother reads the questions for Cinderella to answer. Finally, Cinderella reads the questions for Prince Charming to answer.

9. Your group now decides from the evidence assembled if Prince Charming and Cinderella are mature enough to get married and if they will regret their decision later on. Discuss your decision and select *one* member of your group to present your group's opinion to the entire class.

After all groups have presented their opinion, have everyone in your class vote to reach a final verdict. Does your class think Prince Charming and Cinderella are mature enough to get married? Yes or no?

Cinderella on Trial activity sheets:



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