1. Where did you see Cinderella for the first time?

2. What kind of impression did she make on you at that moment?

3. What was she wearing?

4. Does she know how to speak the language of the court?

5. Is it true that you taught her how to dance during the ball?

6. People have noticed that Cinderella is in the habit of disappearing at midnight. They have no idea where she goes. Do you think that a good hostess should abandon her guests in such a manner?

7. Does Cinderella know the usages and customs of the court? If not will she one day?

8. Cinderella's socio-economic background is so different from yours. Do you think that this marriage will be successful?

9. What do the ladies of the court think about your relationship?

10. Have you the consent of your father the king and your mother the queen to this marriage? How do they feel?

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