1. How old are you?

2. Did you receive a good education? Please explain.

3. What did you do at the house? Were you satisfied?

4. Do you have dreams? Are they realistic?

5. We have been told that you suffer from an hallucination where pumpkins are transformed into carriages and mice into coachmen. You have just returned from Vienna where even the great Sigmund Freud was unable to provide a satisfactory solution to this dilemma. Do you have any remarks?

6. After arriving at the ball what attracted you to the prince?

7. What did you talk about when you were together?

8. What are his qualities?

9. How are you going to end the jealousy which you have aroused among the ladies of the court?

10. One day the prince will be king and you will be the queen of the people from whom you have come. What effect will all this power have upon you??


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