Your Majesty the King, your Majesty the Queen and Cinderella's parents!

We are gathered here today to decide if your children are mature enough to marry each other and if they will regret their decision later on in life.

We will discuss the matter in our expert groups and then return to our home groups where we will again consider all the evidence and deliver our verdict.

We will listen to the testimony of four people:

1. Prince Charming who is madly in love with Cinderella and is perhaps a little blinded by this passion.

2. Cinderella who has just woken from a wonderful dream where she has accepted marriage based on a pair of glass slippers.

3. The Ugly Stepsisters who are interested in securing an easy life in the court.

4. The Fairy Godmother who meddled in the uncomplicated life of an innocent girl.


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