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by Robert Andrews
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  1. Professional Objective
  2. Students will be able to collect and analyze data from which correlations can be drawn and submitted in the form of a formal memo with 90% accuracy.

  3. Anticipatory Set
  4. A. Class Poll: Why are you getting the grades you are?
    B. Class Poll: What can you do to change that?

  5. Objective and Purpose
  6. Over the next couple days, you will learn how to collect and analyze data. There will be many times when you want to know why certain events are happening and data collection and analysis is the best way find a cause.

  7. Instructional Input and Modeling

A. Lecture on how to collect data with examples on chalk board
B. Check For Understanding A
C. Develop survey to be sent out as well as list of locations
D. Send surveys and await return
E. Model how to prepare data for processing with example surveys
F. Check For Understanding B
G. Model how to find correlations between data with example surveys
H. Check For Understanding C

V. Check For Understanding

    1. Ask for three examples of populations and samples
    2. Chorus response on steps to process data
    3. Ask for three examples of possible correlations
  1. Guided Practice
  2. Students will start to collect the data from returned surveys in class and finish that evening if necessary. The next day students will start to process the data in class and finish that evening if necessary. Finally, students will start to find correlations during class. The teacher will monitor all of this in-class work time.

  3. Independent Practice

The student will complete any of the first three sections (collection, processing, and correlations) that they did not finish in class as well as typing the results of their study. These results should be in the form of a formal memo. Also included as an appendix should be the rough calculations preformed to arrive at the final answers. The memo and calculations should be completed with 90% accuracy.

Attached to this unit is a cover letter to be sent with the surveys to the schools around Wisconsin, a sample survey, sample returned surveys, and lecture notes for samples and populations.



1. Destache, Dale. High School Survey. Classroom material and handouts. 1996.

Cover Letter
Sample Survey - graphic
Sample Survey - text
Lecture Notes


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