Hello Colleague,

My name is Dale Destache and I am a Mathematics Teacher at New Berlin West High School. The students in our Pre-Calculus course have developed a survey for their peers throughout Wisconsin and we are asking you to distribute 25 surveys to your most diverse Freshman English class and 25 surveys to your most diverse Senior English class. Please collect the surveys and return them to us in the self addressed stamped envelope as soon as you can spare the time. This information will be used in conjunction with a Statistics unit we will be covering. The students will be writing reports on how certain information relates to other information collected in the survey and how student achievement is affected by a variety of factors. Your help is vital to the success of this unit. Thank you for your cooperation and prompt participation.

Thanks again,

Dale J. Destache
Mathematics Teacher

P.S. If you would like the results of this survey please indicate so by enclosing a note with the surveys.


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