Welcome to my motivation page. Below are the links to the items in this section of my portfolio.

Need for Speed

What makes the internet work? In this motivation lesson students explore several facets of the internet and the technical workings behind it. Overall, students create a report that allows them to offer ideas on how the internet could work faster.
Class: EDSED 362 - Individual and Classroom Management
Instructor: Dr. Joanne Anderson
Semester: Fall, 1999

Going Online with Cinderella: Cinderella Lives

What motivates a student to learn? Often using computers or the internet is a privilege kids want. This project, with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, takes the classic Cinderella and combines online, interactive projects and multicultural resources for teachers as well as students.
Class: RLA 345 - Literature for Young Adults
Instructor: Mary Flynn
Semester: Spring, 1998

Calculus III Plot Portfolio

This project can be used in two different ways. One is to have students analyze the current graphs, explain trends, and predict future changes. The other is to have students create similar graphs and explain those.
Class: ED 316M - Secondary Methods - Mathematics
Instructor: Catherine Kiaie
Semester: Spring, 1999


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