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Purple, Blue, and You

Working with colors in web pages can be one of the most difficult parts due to it's complexity. Not only do students have to learn the RGB color system, but also must learn how to work with hexadecimal numbers. The teacher's role is very important in demonstrating each of these new topics.
Class: ED 316 - General Secondary Methods
Instructor: Dr. Darlene Vanselow Habanek
Semester: Spring, 1999


In this lesson plan, students are introduced to creating a web page from scratch using html tags. The teacher plays a crucial role in explaining to the students what the different tags mean as well as how and where to use them.
Class: RLA 318 - Content Area Reading in the Middle/Secondary School
Instructor: Dr. Suzanne Terry
Semester: Fall, 1998

Oh Wisconsin: More Than Just Beer and Cheese
Social Effects on Education Around Wisconsin

Modeling is the art of teaching, how to show students how to perform a task. In this assignment, we worked in groups to create a unit based on different aspects of Wisconsin. I created a lesson that directly modeled how 11th or 12th grade students can and should work with data and surveys.
Class: EDSED 204 - Instructional Technology and General Methods
Instructor: Dr. Marian Graeven Peter
Semester: Spring, 1997


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