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> $ 4 U, Inc.

This lesson is a project that focuses heavily on cooperative groups. While in these groups, students analyze a business for security problems. Each member assumes a different role and must contribute to the final project using his or her roles' view.
Class: ED 316 - General Secondary Methods
Instructor: Dr. Darlene Vanselow Habaanek
Semester: Spring, 1999

Clinical Journal

My clinical was a unique experience for me. Yes, I had been in classrooms before, but not on this level. The time spent at Webster, my clinical site, is time that gave me a deeper view of what a teacher is. The artifact is a journal that I kept which focuses on classroom grouping.
Class: EDSED 200 - General Clinical Experience and Human Relations
Instructor: Dr. Marian Graeven Peter
Semester: Spring, 1997


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