Teacher Belief Inventory:
My Educational Philosophy

Teachers should...

  1. Be flexible and open-minded
  2. Teach to all types of learners
  3. Allow student input
  4. Encourage and praise positive student aspects instead of focusing on negatives
  5. Provide students with frequent feedback
  6. Be prepared to teach subject matter
Students should...

  1. Come to school prepared to learn
  2. Remember there is a correct time and place for everything, including learning, goofing off, etc.
  3. Get to bed early enough to get a good night's sleep in order to be alert at school
  4. Be respectful of others - teachers, students, parents, etc.
  5. Be responsible for their own work
Subject matter should...

  1. Be orientated to the age and ability of the learner
  2. Be interesting and thought provoking
  3. Be challenging, not boring
  4. Provide a basis for the following year's classes, sequentially
Context should...

  1. Include adequate lighting, preferably natural light
  2. Include desks, tables, and chairs to fit the students' size - not too short, high, small, or large
  3. Limit outside distractions such as p.a. announcements, other faculty, students in the hallways, etc.
  4. Limit inside distractions such as paint color and placement of students
  5. Be safe - intact ceilings, walls, and floors
  6. Provide a good temperature conductive to learning, not too cold or hot, as well as not too damp


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