One Hour Management

One hour management is the unique task that special certification teachers face by only having one hour to work with students, sometimes only once a week. One hour management presents students with a first hand experience of how a class with only one hours time must function, mainly through organization and tight focus.

Sources Used: Classroom Management for Secondary Teachers; Emmer Personal classroom teaching experience Classroom Management Tips online at

Lesson: Life drawings focusing on proportions

Grade: Middle school

Art Making: The students will draw from life models focusing on the proportions of the figures. Drawings will be in pencil on white paper.

Heritage: all

Anesthetics/Criticism: Students will draw from three different groups of student models. Students will draw and focus on the proportions of the figures.

Teacher Strategies/Motivations/Resources:

  • Students will get supplies off the center table
  • Students will have three different life models to draw
  • Students will focus on the proportions of the figures
  • Students will have 3 to 5 minutes to draw each model
Student Activities:
  • Have the room setup for life model drawing
  • Have envelopes that have three different sets of volunteers to model
  • Have the students get the supplies off the center table and go over the overhead
  • Explain the directions and review them
  • Have the first group of models come up and pose with props
  • Students have 3 to 5 minutes to draw the models focusing on proportions
  • Repeat with next two sets of models
  • Have the class discuss and share their drawings
  • Have the students reset the room to normal
  • 4 sheets of paper to make sketchbook
  • pencils
  • props for models

Plan for class

Age: middle school
  • Keep all students outside until class starts
  • Have room already set-up.
(5 min.)
Beginning of class: outline on overhead, get in, find seats, get supplies, read envelopes, waiting quietly to start.

(5 min.)
Directions: have them repeat what I said about what they are going to do in class.

(3 to 5 min.)
((music will be playing to motivate and encourage productive work))
1st model

(3 to 5 min.)
2nd model

(3 to 5 min.)
3rd model

(5 min.)
Discussion about the modeling project.

(5 min.)
Have the students reset the room for the next class.

Break for Cookies and Punch

(15 to 20 min.) Discussion:

  • How they felt
  • Analyze what we did
  • Open discussion on what we did
    • Likes
    • Dislikes
    • What would you change



Please follow the directions below:

  • Choose a seat to sit at, any is fine
  • Put together a booklet - 1 of each of the 4 pages and staple together
  • Get a pencil if you do not have your own
  • Read the envelope at your chair, if there is one
  • Wait quietly for all students to finish


Today we will do the following:

  • You will be drawing three different life models
  • You will sketch one model per page
  • You will have about 4 or 5 minutes to draw each model
  • You should work on getting the proportions correct, not worrying about details


  • How did you feel about drawing people
  • What was the hardest part?
  • What was the easiest part?
  • What would you have done differently with your drawing next time?
  • Would you be ready to do this again in the next class?

One Hour Management

  • How did you feel about the class as a whole?
  • What did we do to manage the class at the:
    • Beginning
    • Instructions
    • Modeling & transitions
    • Reflection
  • What did you like?
  • What did you dislike?
  • What would you have done differently in this class?







Drawing #1

Drawing #2

Drawing #3

Collegial Study Team Final Group Self-Evaluation Form

One Hour Management

Presented on October 12, 1999
by Robert Andrews and Kiah Fellin

As a result of our collegial "journey" and the results of our presentation, we believe:

  • That we help others better understand a situation if they go through it themselves;
  • People enjoy doing physical activities;
  • Managing a class for one hour can be very difficult;
  • Teamwork and trust in the other person to complete a task is crucial to success;
  • Our presentation went very smooth;
  • People gave us great and honest feedback both in the verbal and written critiques;
  • Our format of a simulation followed by discussion worked great and I look forward to using it again in other presentations;
  • Personal experience is a source that is often overlooked because it is hard to reference on a paper but is one of the best resources a teacher has to build from.

Comments from Dr. Anderson

October 13, 1999

Dear Robert,

Congratulations! Your one hour management presentation was most impressive. The presentation demonstrated excellent modeling and was integrated with many motivational strategies. The essential elements of effective lesson design were evident at the beginning, middle, and the end of the session.

Our curiosity was immediately peaked when we could not enter the room. The class members were motivated because of the room setup, the directions on the overhead, and the mysterious envelopes on several of the chairs.

Excellent management strategies were used when you gave time limits and reminded the class members of those, played soft music during independent work time, and the arrangement of the room. Transitions were handled with management by constantly checking for understanding and reminding each student of the time.

Robert, you did an excellent job of facilitating the reflection and analyzation of the lesson. You teach with ease and are very knowledgeable. Great job!!

I commend you! You took a chance and ask the class members to evaluate you orally! This shows confidence in your teaching ability and your willingness to handle feedback. Bravo! ! Excellent - Grade A

Joanne A. Anderson,
Ed.D. Associate Professor


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