Reflection about Management

At the start of this class, we were told that you would not tell us specific things to do when a situation arises in a class. Initially, we seemed hesitant because we wanted these pearls of wisdom to help guide us in our classes. And so we started class and worked purely in theory. One theory that has run through much of what we have studied is the idea of having a classroom community. A classroom community allows students to have ownership in the class. This ownership causes the student to help manage their person. Throughout this class, I have mentioned my philosophy of the teacher as the lead learner. This philosophy builds on the teacher leading the students into making the class more personal and removes the authoritarian power position of the teacher.

This philosophy of mine works hand in hand with the idea of a classroom community. Being a teacher in the secondary level, I will only have the students for a short period each day. I hope that the students will have the internal motivation to want to excel in their studies. With my respect towards them, I hope that they would return that respect and the students would allow me to exercise a preventive model of management.

Overall, I believe that my philosophy of management is reflected throughout my papers in this management portfolio. I have had the chance to use this model in several real-world teaching experiences. I have found that students are very open to this model, one which is seemingly different from those of other teachers. As I mentioned, at the start of the class we were looking for specific answers to situations. In our last class, we were disappointed in a model that gave us specific tasks for certain situations because we viewed it as too close-minded. We have evolved to be able to work with each situation presented to us using a fair and just method. By becoming more open, we have the chance to become the lead learner.


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