Robert Andrews
November 9, 1998
11th and 12th Grade
Introduction to the Internet

Materials Needed:
Whiteboard and markers, flowchart organizer and completed example, page layout worksheet.

11th and 12th grade students will apply their understanding of HTML 4.0 tags to create a web page that will be posted on the Internet by the end of the semester.

In today's technologically advanced world, the Internet, especially web pages, are key to business. By knowing the HTML 4.0 programming language, the students can create their own web pages in the future.

Anticipatory Set:
The objective for today will be written on the board, "Today we will cover addition HTML tags so that you grasp the code for making your own web page." Students will be told about what tags they will be learning today and how that will help them create their own web page. The students will also review the HTML tags previously studied.

Each of the HTML tags to be studied that day will be explained. The tag will be written on the board in its proper form as well as its location in a web page. The attributes will also be listed. After each item is explained, their uses as well as their result on a web page will also be told. Finally, the use of an end tag will be explained to the students. Students will take notes on the page layout worksheet.

The teacher will model on the whiteboard examples of the tags that can be used in a web page. Their results in a web browser will also be drawn on the whiteboard.

Check for Understanding:
Students will be called on to answer questions during class. These questions include:

  • Where can the tag be used?
  • What is the tag code?
  • What attributes go with the tag?
  • Does the tag need an end tag?
  • What effect does this have on a web page?
In addition, students will open Microsoft Word and type how the tag would look from the teacher's verbal description of the final result. The teacher will check the tag at each computer. Students also are invited to ask questions as the input and modeling is presented.

Guided Practice:
Students will fill out a top down organizer that relates the different areas of a web page. The teacher walking around the class will check this. The teacher will also share their completed example with students. It will be started on the whiteboard.

Independent Practice:
Independent practice is not needed at this point. The creation of these pages requires a computer. Since not all students have a computer at home, work can only be done in class.

Students will fill out an electronic exit slip to be submitted over email from my web page at (link removed). The exit slip includes the following questions: what have they learned, what point they are currently at, and what items they are confused about. This will be used to start the next class.



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