Practical and Ethical Web Page Contents

Robert Andrews
November 30, 1998
11th and 12th Grade
Introduction to the Internet

Materials Needed:
Whiteboard and markers.

11th and 12th grade students will apply their understanding of what is and is not ethical content for posting and use on their own web page.

In today's technologically advanced world, the Internet, especially web pages, are key to business. By knowing what is and is not ethical and practical, students can create web pages that are enjoyed and legal.

Anticipatory Set:
Students will be told about what they will be learning today and how this will help them create their own web page. The students will also be questioned on the content of their current web pages. They will then be asked what is ethical for use on a global page that anyone can view.

Students will be told about what not to put on web pages: mainly focusing on personal information or personal information on other people. Then the ethical use of information will be discussed, mainly focusing on telling truthful information and not representing other people. Finally, stealing bandwidth will be discussed.

The teacher will show his web page, the contents that can go on a page, and what could or should be changed or removed.

Check for Understanding:
Students will be called on to answer questions during class. These questions include:

  • What should not be put on a web page?
  • Is there anything illegal you can put on a web page?
  • What is stealing bandwidth? Can it be avoided?
  • How do ethics fit into web pages?
Students also are invited to ask questions as the input and modeling is presented.

Guided Practice:
The teacher will model ethical web page content by presenting the class with his personal web page. The students will then make changes or deletions from their web page based on what is ethical and practical.

Independent Practice:
No independent practice is needed at this point since there is no practical assignment.

Students will fill out an electronic exit slip to be submitted over email from my web page at The exit slip includes the following questions: what have they learned, what point they are currently at, and what items they are confused about. This will be used to start the next class.


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